What Is The Artist's Page All About?

It's very simple. At The Artist's Page, we help artists manage online social media, website marketing and sales – so they have more time to focus on making their art.

It all started when...

After working with our local Studio Tour and talking to many, many artists about how they get their work noticed online (or in this case, don't!), we saw an opportunity to help.

Over and over again, we heard about the 'pain' artists feel when they have to self-promote. 

Making art is such an emotional process. And to then have to explain that process to drive exposure, and ultimately sell, is extremely difficult for most artists.

At the same time, most of the artists we know do not have the renown required to have a professional agent backing them. The are effectively on their own.

That's when we had an 'aha' moment.

It came in the midst of a conversation in which we were were singing the praises of one artist friend to another acquaintance. We must have been good, because the acquaintance asked for the artist's contact information.

After the two met, the artist called and said, "They bought! So, please. Please. Please. Can you please help me... do whatever you just did, and keep doing it?"

So, we created The Artist's Page. 

We've bundled up all the services that artists want, but don't want to deal with:

  • Website (artist's profile with targeted SEO or search engine optimization)
  • Online Sales
  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest)
  • Ability to sell online

We wrapped a cool brand around it (click here to read the origin story for our name). And we went to market.

Offering professional benefits, with managed costs.

If an individual artist was to go out and purchase all the online services we offer individually, not only would the financial cost be too high, but the time and energy costs would be overwhelming.

So, we do all the work on behalf of our artists: ensure their web profile is current; manage online sales; work social media; link them to other cool events in the art world; and much more!

We love this job!

Lesley Wilkins, The Artists Page Founder

Lesley Wilkins, Driving Force

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