Colin Whitebread

Colin Whitebread is an Ontario mixed media artist and painter.

About the Artist

Colin first discovered the joy of drawing at a young age and has been hooked on it ever since. His university education was in philosophy and theology. He pursued a career in teaching. As he was teaching and raising a family his love of art only grew stronger. He spent nine years studying art at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) as a part time student. Colin taught High School art and philosophy for twenty plus years.

Although all periods of art history fascinated him, he is particularly drawn to post-Cezanne modernist work. He began painting in oils but eventually discovered the great versatility of acrylics as it lends itself to much experimentation and innovation. Consequently most of his recent work explores the endless possibilities of mixed media.

Around 2000 Colin and teachers from his high school made yearly trips to Cuernavaca, Mexico on social justice awareness trips. Here he fell in love with the colourful and passionate art of the South. Colour became a dominant aspect of his work. Ecological concerns were an important component of both his theological studies and the programs in Cuernavaca. Combined with the fact that he lives in a rural setting with his family, nature is a key part of his subject matter.

Colin retired early so that he could spend more time dedicated to his art making. He also discovered that he loved teaching adults and spends a lot of his time teaching and leading workshops. He feels this has contributed considerably to his development as an artist. He is convinced that we learn and are motivated so much by the work of others and admires those that envision their art journey as a lifelong exploration supported by our ancestors and contemporaries.

Interested in Seeing More of Colin's Work?

Colin has made a few of his pieces available on The Artist's Page website.

You can also contact him directly through the form on this page.



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