Michael Wilkins

Michael Wilkins is a self-taught sculptor and furniture maker, specializing in works made with found materials.

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About the Artist

"I grew up in my father’s workshop surrounded by tools and materials and was given a free hand to go and express myself with fabricating and manufacturing my ideas into reality.

"There was something fun about creating new forms from discarded items, offcuts, and other’s unfinished projects that I found around the workshop."

"Self-taught, I gradually discovered I had a knack for making things work with whatever was at hand, without over complication. This ability carried forward into my future work with heavy equipment as well as my early art pieces. Welding, joining cutting grinding and reshaping exiting materials into new forms developed into a passion. This passion has lead to my current love of turning discarded items into beautiful furniture pieces and art. Items found at the side of the road, or lying discarded in a machinery workshop will suddenly spark my imagination and begin reforming themselves in my mind, then into reality."

"Since moving to Uxbridge in 2007 The Uxbridge Studio Tour has played a pivitol role in allowing me to develop as a sculptor and get to know many of the talented artists that live in the community, and to experience the vast array of incredible art that is being created here. It is both an honour and a joy to be a part of this years Uxbridge Studio Tour."


Interested in Seeing More of Michael's Work?

Michael has made a few of his pieces available on The Artist's Page website.

You can also contact Michael directly through the form on this page.


Michael Wilkins, Uxbridge Sculpture Artist


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