Sarah Holtby

Sarah Holtby is an Uxbridge artist specializing in photorealism. Sarah's work is particularly unique since she works exclusively in pencil crayon .

About the Artist

As a self-taught artist formally educated in the discipline of Science, I am often asked how I balance between these seemingly divergent fields of interest. Yet, the more I learn, the more I discover the difficulty arises only in trying to separate the two. In my scientific studies I learned that ‘form’ goes hand-in-hand with ‘function’. I am artistically fascinated with ‘the form’, and to how to study it visually, and scientifically fascinated by how and why ‘the form’ functions. I am in constant amazement at the beautiful, complex and intricate living ‘forms’ that surround me.

I approach drawing much like a scientist, in meticulous curiosity. I want my work to reveal an intense study of detail, proportion, and biology, while provoking a strong sense of emotion.  I learn by drawing, and that learning process carries an immense sense of appreciation for our living world. When I draw I feel an overwhelming connection to life, it is my desire to convey that to those that view it.

As a newcomer to the art world, I am finding my place. I am drawn to the human experience and the story that each person has to tell. Our faces tell a story and that is my aim and honour to capture in my photorealistic hand drawings. I work mostly in pencil crayon, but also work in pencil, ink, paint and pastel. I do both commissioned work as well personal pieces that are for sale.  

Sarah invites individuals to submit personal photos for consideration for upcoming works, "I am always looking for new and inspiring material". Use the form on this page to contact Sarah for more information on how to submit photos. 

Interested in Seeing More of Sarah's Work?

Sarah has made a few of her pieces available on The Artist's Page website.

You can also contact her directly through the form on this page.


Sarah Holtby - Photorealism Artist


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