What's In It for You, Dear Artist?

The Artist’s Page will help build an online presence for you and your art. Our job is to spread the word about your talent and get people to notice!

Why The Artist's Page?

We know so many artists who create stunning pieces of art, but have no interest or no skill at marketing themselves.

That's where we come in.

The Artist's Page team will work with you to create the fast loading, mobile-friendly website of your dreams. We take care of all the technical details, including ensuring that your website is optimized for Search Engine Results (so you get found) as well as sizing & uploading your images correctly (So, your customers don’t get fed up waiting for your content to load and leave before they see how great your work is!)

You will also be a part of The Artist's Page website where we will provide our visitors with information about you and links to your personal website.

But we don't stop there...we continue to spread the word about you through social media, events and blogs.

You'll have your own artist's page bio & photo gallery.

It's a great way to begin building your online portfolio, where potential clients can browse examples of your work while they learn more about who you are as an artist and as a person. We know that once they've seen just a little of what you can do they'll be moved to click on that link to your own beautiful website. 

We'll start a conversation, and keep it going.

We don’t want to just show your work we want to encourage a conversation around each piece. Let your fans know more, inspire them, get them talking about your work.

By including short descriptions or stories about each piece you give the people who love your work a chance to get a deeper understanding of the piece.

What materials, music, emotion, life circumstance, was your inspiration for the piece? Get the people who love your work talking about it!

We'll promote your events.

If you are participating in an upcoming art show, competition, or other event, we can help you to spread the word.

Our event calendar was created so that you can let people know where to look for you and your work.

We'll help you sell, both online and at events.

In addition to having your products in our store year round, you can also talk to us about how you can use the website to process payments if you are at a show or other event. It's a great way to offer online convenience, without having to manage all the technical-financial stuff yourself.

We'll take care of  the website tech stuff.

We know how to make your images really count by utilizing the latest SEO tools when naming every properly sized image we upload to your page

You will benefit from the traffic generated by interest in other artists. When one artist draws in views we all benefit from that exposure.

We work hard to promote you and The Artist's Page... because it's good for all of us!

Through the use of general blogs as well as our popular Interviews with Our Artists series, we bring art enthusiasts to the website, where they can easily discover your original works and find links to your website and social media accounts. We make sure that visitors to our site can easily find out how to contact you regarding commissions, or even buy a piece of your work right off of our online art market or your website.

We drive traffic to our TheArtistsPage.ca website through regular, interesting, and relevant social media postings. Google (and other search engines) loves to see lots of traffic.

Traffic builds Google’s confidence in us, and Google’s confidence is essential if we want to be found out there in the world wide web.

Phew! There's lot's more, but if you've read all of this and are still interested, it's time to get in touch!

Getting to Know Each Other 

1. We want to know all about you and your artwork. Part of our unique approach to learning about you spending time creating your Artist's Page Profile. This discovery session allows us to explore and understand your artwork, objectives and your target audience.

Creation of Artist’s Personal Page with:

  • Artist's bio and photo
  • Photo gallery of artwork (6 pieces)
  • Customized contact form 
  • Search Engine Optimization on all content & images

2. Creation of Artist’s ‘Shop’ with 6 art pieces for sale.
Each product to include:

  • Photo (properly sized & SEO'd)
  • Description of work
  • Materials, measurements, price

3. Feature Artist's Interview, with photo (Blog Post)

Creating your Artist's Page profile will provide the foundation for the exciting website design phase.

Building an Extraordinary Website 

2. Design

Our creative team uses everything we learned about you and your artwork in Phase 1 to design the perfect website to meet your objectives and beautifully showcase your artwork online.

3. Strategy 

Now it's time to focus even more on your objectives, appropriate calls to action and value propositions. We make sure that your homepage works for you and your customers! This phase includes finalization of the home page strategy and sitemap of your website. 

4. Data-Entry & Build Phase 

In this phase, our team will populate your website with content and images. We'll work with you to create compelling content then check all spelling and grammar. Every web page will be search engine optimized (SEO) with the right balance of keywords to help you get found on Google. 

5. Launch 

Once your website is complete, it's time to launch. To do this, you can either give us access to your domain registrar account, and we'll manage the settings to point the domain to your new website, or if you're tech-savvy, you can do it yourself. 

6. Training & Support 

Next, we will schedule an introductory training session with you. During this session, you will be given a thorough overview of the Dashboard, and learn to manage your website. Additionally, there are specific Help pages for each App, and a full spectrum of training videos located in the Training App in your Dashboard. And, of course The Artist's Page Support Team is available 8am - 5pm EST, Monday - Friday to help you out. 

Why is there a Monthly Fee? 

1. The monthly fee covers your subscription to use The Artist's Page Website Management Platform 24/7, as well as hosting of your website on Amazon Enterprise level servers. The fee also covers unlimited technical training and support about how to use the Tymbrel Platform, on-going platform improvements, new Apps and added functionality, and security and maintenance updates. We like to say it also includes 'peace of mind'...your website is safe and in good hands with us.

BUT that's not all!

Artist's Page Monthly Updates

  • 2 new (swapped out) photo gallery pictures, with resizing and SEO
  • 2 new products added to your online shop

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